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Etherium Gold ~ (Monatomic or White Gold)

Etherium Gold ~ (Monatomic or White Gold)
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Comes in 1 oz Bottles 

Etherium Gold  Increases alpha brain production through an electromagnetic modality that harmonizes the two hemispheres of the brain.  Many neuroscientists believe that this condition may improve learning ability, increase creativity, enhance mind/body coordination and help in stressful situations. 


Etherium Pink - Many Primarily affects the energies of the heart.  May provide assistance in times of heart break by turning sorrow into acceptance and understanding or turn anger and resentment into the highest option of letting go. Many people report higher levels of compassion and altruism.

Etherium Red - Appears to be able to integrate the thinking of the brain with the desires of the heart.  Assists in making difficult decisions by bringing clarity to the situation.  May help normalize blood pressure. 


Harmonic Analysis

A fascinating study of some Harmonic Innerprizes products was done by Randy Masters, a world expert in sacred geometry and gematria. His published works include a 350 page monograph for Drunvalo Melchizedek and the Flower of Life workshops. In this report, Randy comments on five select frequencies of our products as measured by electromagnetic analysis. He looked at such subjects as sound, Fibonacci sequence, and numerical purportions of sacred sites as they relate to the products. Randy summarizes the analysis as follows:


"The frequencies of this product (Etherium Gold) reveal so many key numbers and 'special relationships' in physics, sacred geometry, music, light, aspects of DNA and biology that I suspect the correct use of the products may well contribute to the conscious upleveling and evolvement of the species.

The Etherium products show too many sacred numbers to ignore that there must be a higher order guiding and directing the use of these substances. I would not be surprised to find Etherium Gold re-seeding the Earth's
soils and human consciousness."


How to Use the Etherium Sacred Powders


The Etherium Sacred Powders work on the subtle energy fields and chakra centers of the body. As supplements for the spirit, they are unlike any other food supplement. When the subtle energy fields are aligned and balanced, they provide all the life force energy the body requires to live in a state of optimal health. When these energy fields become deficient or out of balance, the body becomes weak and susceptible to dis-ease.


We offer the following guidelines for experiencing the Etherium powders. They are offered as a place to start, with no intention to override one's own intuition, or recommendations from a professional health care provider.


In the beginning, Etherium Gold should be taken once or twice a day until you develop a relationship with it. After that, take it when you are guided to take it. This may be two or three times a day, or you may not take it for several days. You may feel the need to take it in the morning because you need a boost of creativity for a day's project, or you may find it beneficial to take the edge off a stressful situation. Perhaps in the still of the night it may serve you in deepening a meditation experience. The key is to use your intuition, and treat it with reverence.

Monatomic gold, or white gold is derived from an ancient seabed where geologists have determined was the site of a meteorite impact 11,600 years ago  This impact created a high concentration of monatomic elements that are still active today.


This product line is said to positvely affects the bioelectric patterns that move through the brain. In two clinical studies Etherium Gold was observed to balance and harmonize the two hemispheres of the brain which in turn caused the brain to product more alpha brain waves and reducing high levels of theta and beta waves.


CAUTION: Do not take any of these products if you are currently taking any neurotropic (substances that affect the nervous system) or psycotropic (substances that affect the brain) without the full knowledge and written permission of your attending physician.

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Etherium Gold ~ (Monatomic or White Gold)
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